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Publication Request
To request promotion via the website, slides, handouts, online registration, or verbal announcements. Contact with any questions.

Graphics Request
To request special graphics or publications to be made such as banners/posters, mailers, invite cards, web graphics, and more. Contact with any edits, etc.

Video Request
To request creation and/or inclusion of ANYTHING that has to do with video (even if you’re providing the video for use in a service). Contact with any edits, etc.

Photography Request
To request to have a photographer(s) at your Southpoint affiliated event. Contact with any edits, etc.

Room/Building/Event Request
To request use of the building for meetings, groups, classes, and more.

New Ministry Team Request
Have a passion to serve God in an exciting NEW way? This form will help us see your vision and how it could fit into our mission as a new team, or under the umbrella of an already existing ministry.

Financial Approval / Check Request
We are paperless! PLEASE use the Smart Receipts app for all reimbursements! Contact the office with any questions (